Re-discovering our world lost to 'conventional' travel #1


Who am I?

Before I begin, I will introduce myself, seeing as its my first blog post, ever! My name is Daniel, I’m 24 years old, a university student and friends call me ‘Bera’ due to my fantastic surname.. cool story, I know. 

I’ve lived in Sydney, Australia my entire life and ever since I was at least 4 years old I always wanted to explore what seemed out of reach places, whether it be a park I saw from the back seat of the family car, a town in a far away location I saw in a movie or even funny enough explore beyond the borders of open world video games like GTA or even Call of Duty. Let’s be honest there is Imagesomething interesting about exploring the unknown!

There is something inside me that I feel and I’m sure many others feel, that leads to a yearning to explore places where others either have no interest or not enough knowledge about. After all its these places where you just might discover feelings of happiness, excitement, tranquility or you might just feel at peace with the world. Without trying to sound like a conventional ‘explorer wannabe’, I have little interest in discovering a hidden cafe in Milan or visiting a National Park somewhere in Australia..That is simply put, over done and not really discovering anything outside the box in terms of travel. After all, lets face it, the Western world is well documented!

How this blog will be different to ‘travel blogs’

First and mostly of all, I want to expose you to places which you either rarely or wont read about at all, introduce you to different peoples of this world that you did not know existed, share histories from the most unheard of locations and more than Imageanything I want you to know that travel goes beyond the usual destinations of Tropical resorts and Parisian streets.

Now before I start I would like you to know, there are places I will be sharing with you that I have been before, these posts and stories will include such information like:

  • Best places to visit, walk around, drive to, eat at, etc
  • Cheapest & most convenient ways of getting there and getting around
  • Places that are nearby so you have some option on other great places to go
  • Tips of the area, things to do and not to do

And then I will share other great destinations that I wish to go one day, I will just be scratching the surface by mentioning:

  • Where, What and Why go to there?
  • Interesting facts & stats, histories and articles or videos about the destination
  • Who lives there?
  • How do you get there?

As this is the very first post I don’t want to turn this post into a book, yet, rather than leave you with nothing at all before my next post I will briefly share a place I have been recently, just a month ago in fact. A place that I hold very dear to my heart and is what feels the periphery to the world of travel I’m going to share with you!

A taste of things to come

ImageOne of the most spectacular places Ive been to in Europe is defiantly Croatia, in particular the Makarska Riviera. It is a rare piece of unspoiled Mediterranean Europe with pristine water, clean beaches, hot dry days with almost perfectly timed cool breezes, it really is the Pearl of the Adriatic. Truth be told, photos don’t do justice to the beauty of the Dalmatian Coast, this photo was taken from my battered 3 year old Sony Xperia phone, which has accompanied me to Europe 3 times now (however I do believe this was its last time).

I will share with you the best this Coast has to offer, the most interesting places to day trip too, the cheapest yet best quality places to eat and most importantly how you can make everyday you spend there count!

But that is until a few days from now, due to endless studying ahead for the weekend! Try to keep posted and until then, take care and Doviđenja!

– D Berakov